Milly Green Rainforest – Bamboo Coasters Set of 4


Rainforest Bamboo Coasters Set of 4

A set of 4 stunning eco-friendly bamboo coasters.

When you buy these set of 4 bamboo coasters, 1% of the proceeds will support the great work of the Marine Conservation Society helping to protect our seas.

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Here at Milly Green we strive to create really useful products that not only consider and minimise environmental impact, but also support sustainable initiatives and organisations that give back to our amazing planet through our partner 1% for the Planet.

Did you know?

  • Bamboo is a very sustainable resource and grows super quick1
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Naturally BPA free
  • Reduces single waste plastic

Caring for trees is caring for our future. This landmark design celebrates everything we are fighting to protect for future generations. Life giving trees, pretty parrots, amazing chameleons and even the humble frog all feature on our latest collection using only the most sustainable materials to minimise our environmental impact so we can ‘leave the world a little better than when we found it!’


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